A landscape is a painting... Without the point of view of the gaze on him, without projection of feeling or emotion going to meet him, it exists only halfway.


A landscape is also in part a personal construction that finds its foundations in the observer's culture.


Through this landscape, philosophical meditation or poetic inspiration are potentially at work and make of the observer a temporal traveler in the footsteps of a fleeting moment that has already passed from a Nature in the making.

Thus, the intangible aspects of a landscape - which is intrinsically a very concrete thing - within a space defined by a certain point of view depend on the observer's gaze of it...


Oscillating between true landscape and dreamed landscape, sometimes staged by animal and wild life that animates it, it is this very personal look that I suggest you to explore in these galleries.



"All the hidden poetry that was in me awoke; in the warm light of this radiant landscape, I felt an unknown emotion agitate me, it was the soul's butterfly that awakened at the heart of its chrysalis and was feeling its wings palpitate."


~ Renée Vivien, « Œuvres intimes », Lettre à Amédée Moullé

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