The country spirit is everywhere if we take the time to dwell on the panorama that is offered to us every day. Even in town, since it is a spirit...


The calm of a river lined with bucolic banks, the elegance of a sparkling foggy waterfall, the shores teeming with animal life of a blue or green lake, the tranquillity of a pond with stagnant water or the tumult of a torrent flowing down the rocks hint at mysterious treasures of grace and impromptu encounters.

Along the water of our countryside, cities and forests, Nature's magic works because its spirit is everywhere present. 


As city dweller in search of the inner fullness that I sometimes encounter during my walks along the course of the water, I often try to abstract the human environment from the chosen setting to focus only on the essential in my eyes: Mother Nature...



"Blessed were those who were insulted from both sides of the bank, for so they could quietly sail in the middle of the wide river where the current is faster and the air fresher."


~ Giovanni Papini, « Consolations », Visages découverts



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