The blue or green body of water that we see dancing and whose misty horizon sometimes mixes with the sky leaves no one indifferent.


The sea – this enigmatic matrix of life on our planet that we have named Earth, while water constitutes three-quarters of its surface – brings into play on each of us fascination, attractiveness, fear or even appeal.

The force of a hurricane or storm, the serenity of a distant horizon, or the mysterious infinite and dark abysses call us and are a source of wonder.


According to the context, I do not escape what the sea exerts on us, and although it is not part of my usual environment, when I find myself on its shores, it is as if I had always been there...


"The universe is but a vast ocean, on the surface of which we perceive a few islands of various sizes, whose connection with the continent is hidden from us."


~ Jean le Rond d’Alembert, Discours préliminaires à l’Encyclopédie

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