When it comes to macro animals, the difficulty lies in knowing well one's digital box in order to make the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible. Because when it comes to small creatures such as dragonflies or bees that are almost always in motion, it's better not to have to grope to succeed in your photograph.


Not only am I looking for the frame and composition that is most in harmony with my vision, but I will also change my angle of view in high or low angle view, which will completely change the light...


If I decide to go high, I must first increase the ISO and consider a flash according to the context of ambient light, because at the level of daisies, under fifty centimeters of grass and flowers, there is necessarily less light. 


If I decide to go low, I go down the ISO to 100 and I will systematically search - turning around the subject as much as I can - what will give my photograph that softness that I generally seek.



"In this world which is an order, disorder can be introduced momentarily, but the harmony of the whole is not destroyed."


~ Marie-Madeleine Davy, Psi International, No 5. Mai-Juin 1978



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