Water drops and liquid sculptures occupy a genre apart in the world of macro photography. From the moment I saw the first picture of this frozen, suspended water, I never stopped until succeeding too..

It is a particularly amusing photographic field in which wonder and fantasy are an integral part of the process, for which patience is essential after having tested the different openings and speeds to be used according to the envisaged result. 


As for "seeing" specific forms in water drops and liquid sculptures, I bring this sensitivity closer to these forms that are sometimes distinguished in the clouds of the celestial empire...

However, the classic blue water drop on a plain background quickly frustrated me; once successful, I quickly went round in circles.


It then came to me the idea to use additional accessories that can be made of textile or beads that will cover the space occupied by water, and glittering papers of different shades against which the flash will create beautiful bokehs.


See HERE for TUTORIAL and more informations...

« Water in motion metamorphoses itself into a princess captive of time. Caught in its nets, it hesitates, twists and sways at the whim of a slow cosmic attraction before coming to rest, suspended in its course. »


~ Myriam Kieffer, Personal thoughts

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